Welcome to TransformCT

Connecticut has an historic opportunity to redefine its future and chart a path for a more prosperous, sustainable, and livable state. The Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) is collaborating with other State and regional agencies, legislators, local public officials, and the general public to develop a Strategic Plan for transportation – called TransformCT. We recognize that transportation and mobility, essentially how we move, affects every aspect of our lives, from where we choose to live and work to how much we pay for a loaf of bread.

Connecticut is at a crossroads and faces immense challenges: Global economic competition, shifting markets, the degradation of our built and natural environment, the cost and availability of fossil fuels, traffic congestion, and aging infrastructure. All these test our resolve to keep Connecticut competitive, innovative, and entrepreneurial. We need to ensure that our state remains a desirable and affordable place to raise families and operate successful businesses.

TransformCT is an opportunity to rethink and transform our transportation system to respond to people’s current needs and adapt to future lifestyles. We need resilient cities and towns, where people lead fulfilling lives and where businesses can compete on the local, regional, national, and world stage.